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Responsible Business

Since the dawn of modern civilization mankind has thought of new ways to improve wellbeing and quality of life. Methods range from Sanum Per Aqua, to Hydrotherapies, Hot Stone treatments, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Lymphatic drainage, Chinese Acupuncture to being battered in steaming heat of Turkish baths.

With the advancement in modern technologies, computerization and scientific research a new area of non-mechanical and physical non-invasive treatments is about to begin.

JKJ Spa & Wellness Ltd™ is spearheading this giant leap forward in the future of the Spa & Wellness Industry through its dedication to research, search for, development, acquisition, training and distribution of technologies, software and treatments that are predestined as milestones inventions in the evolution of Spa & Wellbeing.

The JK7™- SPA Sensator™ is a result of five years of intense research by highly qualified individuals and universities across the globe. Deeper, scientific understanding has allowed to further develop existing sensual therapies to be more efficient and constant. Neurological research has added knowledge on how the human brain reads and interprets those signals and the benefits it can provide to our body, mind and soul. Computerized treatment programming eliminates human inconsistencies, errors and lack of qualified therapist power.

As much as technology has become part of our daily lives so has our commitment to conduct business efficient, result-oriented and personable. Above the companies visionary business approach stands a deeply imbedded Yes We Care attitude.

We care for you, from planning, developing, integration into existing spa premises, installing, training staff and customers, internal marketing, your bottom line and success with us, any service. Our People were pioneers in the early health and wellbeing spa industry, with a track record.

Responsible business, care for ourselves, our clients, our customers, the community and our planet is key to a better live for each individual.

We look forward to contribute to your wellbeing and longevity.


Karin Sole
Chief Executive Officer

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