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The JK7- Spa Sensator™ is a sensational new invention that provides a completely new dimension in the Spa industry.

Inspired by his life-long desire to contribute to well-being, longevity and the betterment of the planet, Dr. Jurgen Klein has devoted the past 5 years to research and development resulting in this groundbreaking invention. Along the way he has cooperated with several international universities in their respective areas of expertise to further support his research with plant substances and action on the five senses.

In keeping with his philosophy to improve longevity and wellbeing, the quintessence of the JK7™, Dr. Jurgen Klein built the first prototype at the famous Sullivan Estate on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ simultaneously uses Aroma, Sound and Color therapy to transcend the traditional 5 senses (smell, vision, hearing, taste, touch). Carefully programmed sequences of color, sound, scent, mist, and warm salt water are felt, then reported to the brain, being translated into real physiological and physical reactions and responses. A sensual cleansing process from past memories and “mind-garbage” takes place. Enhanced through the effects of weightlessness in a non-claustrophobic environment, cool mist induction technology with natural essential oils and state-of-the-art color, sound and aroma therapy system, lets body and mind deeply relax. The result is a never before encountered, unforgettable and lasting experience.

The installation of the JK7- SPA Sensator™ is comprised of a hardware and a software component and can be facilitated in spaces as small as 25 sqm and to any interior design standard. There is no limit to the size or luxury of the facility. Ideally the JK7™ is installed in custom- built facilities, but can also be retro-fitted into existing spas, pool and sauna areas. The Dead Sea salt waterpool surface starts from approx. 4 sqm with a depth of 400 mm.

The basic facility to house the JK7™ comprises of a small changing room, a floatation room featuring a Jacuzzi type swimming pool with Dead Sea salt, showers, and a separate technical room. Additional facilities such as a massage room, relaxation room or sauna can be added as desired. The facility will be built by the property owner. JKJ Spa & Wellness™ will provide technical assistance during design and construction and install the JK7™ hard and software.

The JK7™ facility can be built for individual use or for groups of up to 25 people and JK7™ treatments range from wellbeing to therapeutic applications.

A basic treatment sequence can be as follows: on arrival the client changes into a swim suit, showers and gets into a comfortable floating position in the non-claustrophobic Dead Sea salt pool at 37°C; depending on the chosen treatment, the JK7™ starts a 30 to 45 minute treatment sequence; cool micro-mist with natural aromas fills the room and immerses the client into the world of NOW; colors, sounds and aromas are synchronized, changed, balanced and start their magic act on the five human senses; experiencing weightlessness like in outer space (6th sense). The brain and mind act like a 7th sense by synthesizing and harmonizing all sensual impressions and perceptions like a conductor of a big orchestra playing in tune.

Finally body, mind and psyche, now purified, re-educated and unified are filled with positive energy and can NOW deal with the ordinary, everyday challenges in a different way. Fear, pain, sorrow, worry, guilt, greed - vanished during the treatment in the JK7- SPA Sensator™.

For deeper understanding scientifically and psychologically a booklet from the inventor, Dr. Jurgen Klein, will be available in 2009.

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